Extreme Reach Acquires Adstream to Streamline Marketing Workflows

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 6:21 PM ET Posted by Will Richmond

Extreme Reach is acquiring Australia-based Adstream to create a comprehensive platform that will streamline workflows for global brands activating video campaigns across devices and services. The combined company is addressing pain points for brands that have arisen from the fragmentation of video consumption. There is a lot more complexity because every ad that is served must be properly formatted to deliver an appropriate user experience and tracked so that talent is accurately compensated.

Tim Conley, Extreme Reach’s CEO and co-founder and Daniel Mark, Adstream’s CEO (who will become Chief Strategy Officer of the combined company), emphasized in a briefing that brands have been asking for a holistic solution, with global scale, that can power the full lifecycle of a video ad, spanning its creation, production, asset management, versioning, delivery, talent rights management and analytics.

Tim and Daniel said there’s a gap between traditional TV and digital video, at a time when brands are increasingly focused on targeting audiences wherever they consume video. This gap has led to escalating complexity and costs when brands use manual processes to manage their campaigns.

Talks between the companies began a couple of years ago but accelerated recently due to customer requirements and the shifting focus of Adstream’s primary investor, the Paul Ramsay Foundation, which will continue as a minority shareholder.

The companies’ platforms are complementary; Adstream has deep capabilities in digital asset management and has a customer base primarily outside of North America. Extreme Reach has specialized in creative asset and talent rights management and ad serving, and has a primarily North America customer base. 

Tim noted that the companies’ platforms have a modular architecture, which he believes will ease integration and unlock new opportunities for brands.

Tim and Daniel said brands and agencies can expect improved ROI on their campaigns through the combined company’s streamlined workflows and ongoing innovation. The deal is set to close in the second quarter of 2021, with 400 Adstream employees joining Extreme Reach. Terms were not disclosed.

A Note from our CEO to ER Clients and Partners: An Exciting New Chapter

By Tim Conley  |  April 20, 2021

Dear Valued Clients and Partners:

I am delighted to share some exciting news with you. Today we announced our agreement to acquire Adstream, a powerful cross-media advertising content delivery platform with an expansive global footprint. In coming together we create the first independent global platform that simplifies the activation of multichannel campaigns worldwide.

This is a strategic and complementary union built on mutual respect and a shared passion for fueling our clients’ success. Together, we will make it easier for marketers around the world to gain a competitive advantage with increased control, faster speed to market, precision rights compliance, and rich insights.

When we founded Extreme Reach in 2008, we declared a mission to power the world’s video advertising, making it easy for you, our valued clients, to navigate an increasingly complex landscape. The solutions we’ve built with you along the way brought us to this defining moment when, together with Adstream, we bring the vision of one end-to-end global execution platform to reality.

Thank you for your trust in ER and for the open dialogue that has been key to focusing our development on exactly what you and your teams need to be successful.

As ER and Adstream become one company, we couldn’t be more excited about bringing you the best of our combined technology and teams with every path in and out for your brand creative. We are especially happy to bring you enhanced and expanded creative asset management, video ad serving and talent and rights compliance worldwide.

We expect to close this transformative deal soon. In the meantime, we are ready now to understand your global needs and to begin imagining expanded value creation that drives your business forward.

I’ll leave you with this promise. You can continue to expect world-class customer service at every turn. Your success will always be our success.

Here’s to an exciting new era ahead, marked by simplicity in the face of complexity and flawless execution across all the ways you reach your consumers with great brand stories.

Thank you for your support and your business. Read more here.

Tim Conley
Co-Founder & CEO
Extreme Reach

Extreme Reach To Acquire Adstream, Creating First Independent Global Platform for Marketers That Simplifies the Activation of Multichannel Campaigns

By Sandy Drayton  |  April 20, 2021

Centralized creative asset management, video ad serving, TV/CTV/OTT delivery, talent & rights management, and associated real-time data, transforms end-to-end marketing workflow worldwide, easing burden of legacy processes not built for the increasingly complex media landscape

New York, NY – April 20, 2021 – Extreme Reach (ER), the complete asset management solution for TV and video advertising, today announced its agreement to acquire Adstream, a leading global provider of digital asset management, creative logistics and analytics solutions. Through the acquisition, Extreme Reach will provide brand marketers and all their global partners with a seamless, all-in-one brand activation platform that removes complexity from the entire lifecycle of creative asset management, mitigating risk, restoring control and increasing agility, visibility and multi-team productivity.

From concept to campaign launch to reuse and storage of assets, marketers in all regions of the world will work cohesively in a centralized platform. The combined offering will provide global creative asset management, talent & rights management, video ad serving and TV/CTV/OTT activation, creating one agnostic and data-rich deployment platform.

The marketing and advertising ecosystems confront an increasingly fragmented media landscape, particularly when it comes to video. The multitude of platforms, channels, tech partners, and asset formats needed to reach consumers on every screen have added untold complexity and friction in rights management and in the relay race between the many teams who launch and manage campaigns. As legacy, error-prone manual processes reach the breaking point, brands need a transformative reset.

“Our companies have shared a mission from day one to connect and simplify every inter-related step in brand campaign activation, no matter how complex the media landscape becomes,” said Tim Conley, CEO and co-founder of Extreme Reach. “This acquisition gives us the global scale to transform creative asset management and omni channel campaign activation worldwide, setting a new standard that meets today’s challenges. I look forward to working with Adstream’s talented leaders and global teams to combine the best technology of both companies, solving marketers’ need for a comprehensive solution. By coming together, we establish a new paradigm for success — for our clients and ourselves — now and for the future.”

“In joining Extreme Reach, we provide brands worldwide with a competitive edge, enabling them to move quickly and flawlessly, with more insights at their fingertips,” said Adstream CEO, Daniel Mark. “Our companies share a common philosophy and are aligned at a strategic level. In joining Extreme Reach, we answer the call from our global clients with the integration of video ad serving and talent & rights management to all we do today. Together we are excited for this defining moment, not only for our clients around the world but also for our teams as well.”

The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2021, upon approval from Australia’s Foreign Investment Advisory Board. Upon closing of the deal, 400 Adstream employees will join Extreme Reach and three Adstream executives will take on leadership roles within the combined business: Daniel Mark, as Chief Strategy Officer, Katie Nykanen as Chief Product Officer and Tim Emly, as SVP Finance.

For more information on Extreme Reach, please visit https://announcement.extremereach.com. If you’re a customer and have questions about the acquisition, reach out to your ER or Adstream point of contact.

The shareholders of Adstream were advised by JEGI CLARITY and Ashurst. Extreme Reach was advised by Kirkland & Ellis.

About Extreme Reach:
Extreme Reach has revolutionized the way marketers and their agencies control the deployment of creative assets and how the media sources those ads to execute campaigns across the complex media landscape. The company’s creative asset management platform, AdBridge™, is built upon a decade of innovation—seamlessly integrating video ad serving, linear TV distribution, OTT/CTV delivery and Talent & Rights management together.

With over 30 million brand creative assets in its care, every path to any screen is built right inside with more than 700 team members ensuring customer success. ER connects the buy and sell sides of the advertising ecosystem, eliminating friction and ensuring rights compliance.

About Adstream:
Adstream is the world’s most powerful cross-media advertising content delivery platform, enabling brands and agencies to manage, deliver and report on campaign assets at scale. 400 Adstreamers, across 33 offices, support over 7,000 customers with more than 2 million deliveries each year, reaching over 77,000 media destinations worldwide at pace and with complete security.

Adstream’s USP is its single, global platform, integrated both with all the creation tools and DAMs their clients already work with and all the platforms and media destinations those clients use to reach their customers. Adstream’s team of experts support and enable their clients to get the most out of their solution.

Adstream’s mission is to give clients visibility: reporting and analysis all in one place. This gives them both the control and the insight they need across the marketing supply chain to optimise productivity and profitability. That is the Adstream Advantage.